Brutal Burger is a fast food restaurant featured in the mod. It is a parody of Burger Time.


Brutal Burger

The exterior of Brutal Burger

 is a fast food restaurant founded in 1998 by Benjamin Rosenburg, a former Rabbi-turned professional wrestler. After making millions of dollars in professional wrestling, he retired to his home state of North Yankton and opened up Brutal Burger, eventually expanding across the entire state. Rosenburg appears in the commercials for the chain, yelling at the viewer/listener to eat there or get "a foot in the ass".

Brutal Burger is known for it's extremley greasy and unhealthy food, which consists of a "Greasy Pounder", which is advertised as a pound of greasy hamburger meat in two butter-soaked buns. Rick Chance can purchase food here by walking up to the walk-up counter and buy a burger.

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