Digital Underground is a club located in Barberville.


Digital Underground is an underground rave based out of a warehouse in Barberville's industrial district. The interior of the club resembles the Sprunk warehouse seen from the GTA 4 mission "Escuela of the Streets", aside from the boxes being removed, graffitti adorning the walls, and a crudley-made DJ booth atop a platform at the end of the warehouse, where Raver Soundsystem is broadcasted from.

Will is a frequent guest of the club, and as such, is offered free drugs & alcohol, and is awknowledged by other patrons by his first name. Liz or Kane, however, will not recieve the same hospitality as Will, seeing as they aren't part of the "Rave Scene".


  • Drink shots of alcohol
  • Buy drugs
  • Dance Hakken

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