Lips 106 is a radio station in "Heartland". It plays pop music.


  • Dragosta Din Tei-O Zone
  • Starstruck-3OH!3
  • Baby One More Time-Britney Spears
  • Macarena-Los Del Rio
  • Another Night-Real McCoy
  • Un Monde Parfait-Ilona Mitrecey
  • Now You're Gone-Basshunter
  • Davay Avariya-Diskotekka Avariya
  • Scatman-Scatman John
  • Blue-Eiffel 65
  • Email-Pet Shop Boys
  • Touch The Sky-Cartouche
  • Lollipop-Aqua
  • Centrefold-Captain Jack
  • All About Us-t.A.T.u.

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