Raver Soundsystem is a radio station in "Heartland". It plays Gabber techno music.


  • Renegade Rewind - Eko
  • White Stars - Universe Twisters
  • Ripping Up Wax - Uranium
  • Summertime Rave - Jayle
  • Up Yours - DJ Promo
  • We Are The Gabbers - Rotterdam Terror Corps
  • Aquarius - Party Animals
  • Hardcore Vibes (Music video version) - Dune
  • The Tower - Wedlock
  • Life Is Like A Dance - Paul Elstak
  • XTC Love (Radio Edit) - Bertocucci Feranzano
  • Escape - Noisecontrollers
  • The Sequel - Club X
  • Always Hardcore (Extended Mix) - Bodylotion
  • Come Take My Hand - 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
  • Tina - DJ Acesone

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